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Here I am on 2014 October 24 skateboarding at Heath Eiland and Morgan Moss BMX Skate Park in Austin, TX. I asked a guy nearby (who I think was also skating there that day) to take a video of me skating, and he was nice enough to do so.

Skating a mini ramp. I drop in, do a rock to fakie, and then can't stick the tail stall. It's not easy to tell, but the side of the ramp I drop in on is a bit lower than the other side, and that kept tripping me up, that and stage fright, and of course, lack of skill. I could also do some other tricks, like nose stalls and frontside fakie salad stalls, but I didn't want to ask the guy to film me again. I also got to the point where I could do rock to fakies and tail stalls on the taller part of the mini ramp (in the background).