Matthew Mario Di Pasquale

Contact (Old)

Here's a list of my old emails and phone numbers:

They're no longer mine, but I've included them in case you're trying to look me up by one of them. To see my current email address and phone number, go to Contact.

The two email addresses were my school email addresses each of which I used when I was a student and lost access to after graduating. My Harvard alumni email forwarding address is That email address works—It just forwards emails to—but in general I'd prefer you to just send all emails directly to

I wish I had kept my old 617 phone number, but for some reason, which I don't remember, I selected a new 203 phone number when I switched from Verizon to AT&T. I've since cancelled my AT&T service and (for a fee of $20) ported my number to Google Voice. I can still (with just a Google Voice number) make and receive calls and send and receive texts but only over the Internet. (Note: I typically can't connect to the Internet when I'm not at home.) If you'd like to send me anything other than text (eg, photos, videos, or vCards), then please use iMessage or send them to my email address because I think photos and videos I receive over MMS undergo lossy compression: Videos usually appear very blurry, and I can't even open or download vCards. The 830 phone number was my first Google Voice number. I think I could've kept it for an extra $20 or something, but I just let it go because I barely used it.