Matthew Mario Di Pasquale

Contact (Old)


Here's a list of my old email addresses and phone numbers:

They're no longer mine, but I've included them in case you're trying to look me up by one of them. (To see my current email address and phone number, go to Contact.)

The two email addresses were my school email addresses each of which I used when I was a student and lost access to after graduating. My Harvard alumni email forwarding address is That email address works—It just forwards emails to—but I'd prefer you to just send all emails directly to

I wish I had kept my old 617 phone number, but for some reason, which I don't remember, I selected a new 203 phone number (my current number) when I switched from my Verizon plan to my friend's AT&T plan, which I think I did sometime around 2015 January 1.

On 2018 November 20, I ported my number to Google Voice (for a fee of $20). Google Voice is free, and I could still make and receive calls and send and receive texts but only over the Internet, and since I didn't have a data plan, I typically couldn't connect to the Internet when I wasn't at home. Also, if you wanted to send me anything other than text (eg, photos, videos, or vCards), then you had to use iMessage or email them to me because I think photos and videos I received over MMS underwent lossy compression: Videos usually appeared very blurry, and I couldn't even open or download vCards. At one point, I decided to turn off iMessage and FaceTime so that all my texts went through Google Voice. But I started to miss iMessage & FaceTime, so I turned them back on, but then I couldn't get my phone number working with iMessage and FaceTime again. So if you wanted to send me an iMessage or FaceTime me, you had to use my email address.

On 2020 July 4, I ported my number to Ting. But I found Ting's pay-per-use rates confusing—However, I asked them to retroactively apply an introductory credit to my account, and they were nice enough to do that, which saved me some money—and with Ting I was able to get my phone number working again with iMessage & FaceTime, so on 2020 July 6, I ported my number back to Google Voice (for a fee of $20). But at some point (I think about a month later) my phone number automatically stopped working with iMessage & FaceTime.

On 2021 February 5, I ported my number to Red Pocket, but I still had an iPhone 6, and Red Pocket had dropped support for visual voicemail for iPhone models older than iPhone 6S. So on 2021 March 8, I ported my number back to Google Voice (for a fee of $20). Red Pocket was nice enough to refund me for my second month of service (when I called and asked them to) since I didn't use any of it.

On 2021 June 13, two days before my trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico, I bought an iPhone 12 mini. The next day, I set it up and ported my number to Ting. (Having a cell phone plan makes travelling a lot easier.) I have Ting's Flex plan, and I like it so far, but I also find the Flex rates confusing, albeit economical. (My personal referral link is If you use it to try Ting, Ting will give us each a $25 credit.) I think I'll keep Ting for now. I like having cell phone service when I need it even though I don't typically use my phone that much, and I'm glad that now my phone number will continue to work with iMessage & FaceTime.

The 830 phone number was my first Google Voice number. I think I could've kept it for an extra $20, but I just let it go (after porting my 203 number to Google Voice) because I barely used it.