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English teacher


American English is my native language. I grew up mainly in Westport, Connecticut, a suburb of New York City. I don't have an accent.

I have no experience teaching English, so you might just want to use me as your English language partner. That is, I could just speak English with you or to you, and not teach you grammar or correct you, as Jeff Brown suggests in his video How to acquire any language NOT learn it!

Or if you'd like me to correct you, help you reduce your accent, or teach you anything, such as grammar, let me know. I could also help you with reading and writing, if you'd like.

As you can see from my likes, I'm familiar with lots of movies, tv shows, videos, musicals, podcasts, songs, etc that are in English, and I could suggest some to you, if you'd like. Also, I have many different interests and enjoy discussing various topics.

I don't speak any other languages fluently, but I'm willing to speak with or teach anyone, at any level.