Matthew Mario Di Pasquale · Jobs


Let's face it, ridesharing apps, such as Uber and Lyft, don't always provide the best experience and are quite expensive for long trips, so I'm looking for a driver who can provide a great experience at a great price.

I sometimes am looking for a ride to and/or from the airport. I can pay you in cash at the end of the ride.

Overall, I'm looking for a safe, healthy, quiet, reliable, enjoyable experience.

I'm looking for a driver who's sober and well rested, drives well and safely, and pays attention (and doesn't get distracted, eg, by their cell phone or radio).
I value clean air. Therefore:
I'm looking for a driver with a quiet car mainly because I want to protect my ears and my sanity. Also, I typically prefer silence over music. Sometimes I may want to listen to a song or two or three, but after a while of listening to music, I usually take a break because it can get to be too much for me and start to feel like noise pollution. If anything, while sometimes I may like to turn up a good song, I prefer to listen to music at low volume in order to protect my ears. So yeah, we could listen to music or podcasts or whatever, as long as it's at low volume, and I'll let you know if I feel like taking a break. I'm also willing to chat if you'd like.
I'm looking for a driver who's reliable and punctual.
I'm looking for a driver who's kind, friendly, and fun to be around.

If you're interested in giving me a ride, feel free to contact me, and please include a bit about yourself and some photos.