Matthew Mario Di Pasquale




I aim to eat a nutritarian diet, but I haven't been eating a big salad every day. I tend to eat a whole-foods, plant-rich diet. I take vitamin B12. Every day, I eat a few brazil nuts and one tablespoon each of organic flax seeds and organic chia seeds.


I aim to go to bed every night at 9:30 PM. I usually wake up naturally, without using an alarm clock. Sometimes I meditate.


I aim to exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. On average, I've been going for walks about five times a week and lifting weights about twice a week.


I don't do drugs.

I usually drink filtered tap water when available. Otherwise, I drink unfiltered tap water with a lemon wedge. I don't add ice to my water. I sometimes drink green tea, but I don't drink coffee. I don't drink alcohol. Until November of 2017, I used to drink alcohol socially, usually one or sometimes two beers when I was out at a party or a bar or whatever. (My go-to drink was a Corona beer with a lime, but later, I switched to Heineken beer because I read that Heineken uses all non-GMO ingredients, unlike Corona.)

I don't smoke or vape. I inhaled a cigarette once in 2013 and coughed a lot. I smoked hookah once or twice in college. I think I've smoked a cigar at least once. I very rarely expose myself to secondhand smoke.

I don't do cannabis. I've done it about ten times in my life. I've smoked it via joints and a bong, vaped it via a vape pen, and eaten it via gummies.

I don't do psilocybin mushrooms. I once tried a really small piece of chocolate with them in it, but I don't think I took enough for it to have much of an effect on me. I remember just feeling a bit nauseous.

I rarely take medication. I allow for natural healing when possible.