Matthew Mario Di Pasquale · Opinions

I love critics


I love critics, especially if they tell me their opinions. That way I can learn and improve. Who doesn't love free feedback? Shit, many businesses will pay for feedback, and you're giving it to me for free!? Why, thank you very much! I appreciate it! :-)

If people talk shit about me behind my back, that's fine too. Free advertising! Maybe the things they don't like about me would interest others. Or maybe the things they say would eventually get back to me, resulting in free feedback. Gotta love it! :-)

But if the things they say about me are really bad, like maybe they say I harmed them, then it's good that they tell other people, because those people should know to be careful of me if I'm harming others.

Or if they spread lies about me, then they give me the opportunity to tell my story and to speak my truth.