Matthew Mario Di Pasquale · Opinions

Lift all sanctions


I don't think sanctions are good.

The New Oxford American Dictionary defines sanctions as:

measures taken by a nation to coerce another to conform to an international agreement or norms of conduct, typically in the form of restrictions on trade or on participation in official sporting events: the United States had agreed to lift economic sanctions.

Recently, about a week or two ago, after hearing that countries were imposing sanctions on Russia in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, I started to wonder if sanctions are good.

I felt similarly to how I had felt (and still feel) about COVID-19 restrictions. I never thought they were good, although I didn't say much about it then. (I still don't think they were or are good.)

One idea is that "what you resist persists", as said Carl Jung. Another is that restrictions (or laws) tend to do more harm than good.

Perhaps I should be heeding Jung's suggestion and stop resisting sanctions, even if only by voicing that I don't think they're good.

I think freedom and power can be good. And I think self-defence is acceptable, but otherwise, I don't think force should be used to stop or control others.

If, for example, a jewelry designer in the United States chooses not to sell her jewelry to people in Russia, then that's her choice, but I don't think the US government should restrict her from doing so.

After learning about the new sanctions imposed on Russia, I researched sanctions and learned about other existing sanctions. I'm dismayed by, sorry for, and ashamed of how many sanctions the United States has imposed on other countries.

I was already aware that America imposes on its citizens many abominable taxes and restrictions, such as income taxes and the prohibition of prostitution, but I wasn't as aware that America is also imposing such ghastly tariffs and sanctions on other countries. What an abuse of power! It must be yet another reason so many foreigners hate America.

America imprisons so many people and sanctions so many countries.

Just as I think all taxes and laws should be abolished, I think all tariffs and sanctions should be lifted.