Photos: Summit on Juniper bedroom

Matthew Mario Di Pasquale is smiling at the camera. His head and torso are facing the camera, and his arms are at his sides. His hair is short with curls around his ears and combed to his right. He has a two-week beard. His upper chest hair is visible. He's wearing a white polo shirt with thin black horizontal lines. He's in a room with off-white walls, a white ceiling, and a brown floor. To his right is a closed white closet door with a silver handle. To his left is a bed covered with a black and white buffalo checked quilt. Behind him: to his right is a fire alarm speaker, a lightswitch, and a closed white door with a sliver handle and deadbolt; to his left is a beige desk and a forest green chair; and on the ceiling is a brown fan with a light, an air vent, and a smoke detector.
My former room. Self-portrait taken .

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