Matthew Mario Di Pasquale




Imagine there were no laws, and everyone had their own rules. (See my post Politics.)

I have no rules

Many, if not all, rules have exceptions. Rules may change instantly or may be inaccurate, unfair, or outdated. To make choices, I use facts, judgments, and my intellect and conscience. Still, I've listed some of my guiding principles below.


I make no promises. (Not even the previous sentence is a promise.) I do make certain agreements, such as rental agreements, but not promises.

Disclaimer of warranties

I offer everything, such as information, ideas, views, suggestions, gifts, products, and services, "as is" and "as available" without warranty of any kind, express, implied, statutory, or otherwise, such as warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, noninfringement, accuracy, or the absence of defects or errors.


I try to do no harm.


If I do cause harm, I try to restore the harm I've caused. If I've caused you, anyone, or anything any harm, please let me know. Maybe I'd be willing and able to redeem myself or to learn from my mistakes. I try to clean up after myself and repay all my debts.


I try to be kind.


When I'm so inclined, I sometimes give of my time, but I usually don't like to lend or give property, including money, to others, including charities. Many times when I didn't want to, I've given of my time, lent or gifted property, or done things for others, but now I try to stick up for myself.


I try not to give advice, even if it's solicited, or ask for advice.


I try to always tell the truth and be transparent.


I don't agree to keep secrets. I don't sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Please don't disclose (intentionally or not, directly or not) any confidential information to me, or else consider it public, even if you ask me to keep it secret.


I generally try to avoid gossiping, especially criticizing others behind their backs, but on my own terms, not due to others' asking me to keep their secrets.

Intellectual property

I generally try to avoid paying for exclusive content. I prefer products and services that don't rely on copyrights, patents, or trademarks. By sharing (intentionally or not, directly or not) any ideas with me, you dedicate them to the public domain.


I dedicate all works to the public domain. I allow plagiarism.