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Will Smith to produce G.I. Jane 2


Will Smith has announced that he'll be producing G.I. Jane 2 and that his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, will be starring in the film. He'll also act alongside her.

Will was able to convince Jada to star in the film after much coaxing and negotiation. She ultimately agreed to support him in this endeavor. They both agreed that it'd be good for their relationship, their healing, their careers, and their pocketbooks.

Will sees this project as a way to repent, to pay for his actions, and to save face. To take the very joke that he so vehemently rebuked and the man whom he so viciously slapped, and to do good with them and redeem himself.

For Jada, this project is an opportunity for her to further embrace her condition, a way to boost her confidence, and a fun project.

Chris Rock will be an assistant producer and will also play a roll in the film. Chris sees his collaborating as a way for him to apologize to everyone, including Will, Jada, and those affected by alopecia areata, for his tasteless joke.

Will, Jada, and Chris see this project as a way for them to all make amends with each other and with everyone they've offended.

It's estimated that the movie will take about two years to make and will have a budget of about $200 million. Will has pledged to finance the film entirely out of his own pocket and to donate all his profits to City of Kindness. Chris will contribute $20 million and donate all his profits to the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF). In the event that the film loses money, Chris will be paid back before Will.

Essentially, this movie will be part of Will's apology and part of Chris's apology. Through it, they hope to show the world that they're truly sorry, while also providing healing, joy, and entertainment to all.

April fools! :-P

It's a good idea though, right!? OK, maybe not. But I published it anyway just for fun. I mean no disrespect to all parties mentioned or involved, or to anyone else. I realize that my opinions about what happened may be inferred from this post, but with this post, I don't intend to make any implications or to cast any judgements about what happened.