Matthew Mario Di Pasquale · Wants




I'm interested in having one or more cisgender female lovers, just for something casual: no commitment, exclusivity, or marriage. I like doing things that are free or else paying separately.

About me

I'm single and don't have any pets or kids. I don't smoke or vape. I think I'm healthy and clean. I'm an adult male, but I wouldn't describe myself as a "real man". I don't feel like I have my shit together. I don't have a car, a home, or a job. I'm a retired software engineer. I think I have a disorganized attachment style, but I tend to be more anxious than avoidant. I'm highly sensitive, but I can't read minds. I try to be honest and transparent, but in person I tend to be self-conscious, anxious, and reserved, especially at first.

What I'd like in a relationship


I'm fine with being monogamous but not exclusive. What’s the difference? Just because we don't agree not to have sex with others doesn't mean we will. I don't have any lovers right now, but that's not necessarily by choice. When I do, I tend to be monogamous, but again, that's not necessarily by choice. I'm open to having multiple lovers, but replies to this post aren't exactly flooding my inbox. Still, I want to be free. I don’t want to make any promises, agreements, or commitments. I can't even promise you no promises. I'm open to love, but I don't ever want to be exclusive or get married. I think I want to have kids, but not yet.


I like giving of my time and receiving kindness from others, but I don't like feeling pressured to do things or burdening others to help me, so I don’t want to have to take care of you, and I don’t want you to have to take care of me. I’d rather do separate checks and keep our finances separate. If we go in on something together, like if we get a hotel room together or rent an apartment together, we could split the cost evenly. I don't think it's fair to expect anyone (eg, the man or the inviter) to pay for you unless they explicitly tell you they will.

What I'd like in a woman

I'd like a woman whom I like and who likes me. Approach me, tell me you like me, and ask me for what you want. I can't promise I'd agree, but I'd certainly appreciate and admire your courage, honesty, and blatant disrespect for idiotic societal norms.

I wouldn't care about your age at all, but because of stupid laws and customs, I do care, since I don't want to be punished or harmed, so as long as you're at least 18 years old, then I don't care about your age. Regardless of your age, it's OK with me if you identify more as (or act more like) a "girl" or a "woman" or neither. I'm open to women of all sexualities, ethnicities, races, nationalities, religions, politics, abilities, etc.

I'd prefer you to be single, but as long as you're not exclusive with anyone else, that'd be OK. Otherwise, I might still be interested, but I'd be concerned for our safety, like I'd be afraid of your partner finding out, getting upset, and causing harm.

I'd prefer if you don't have any pets or kids, but that's just a preference.



I try not to have any deal breakers, because nobody's perfect.


We could:


I'm trying to be selective, especially due to the following concerns, all of which I have not only for myself but also for you. I don't want to give you STDs, get you pregnant, break your heart, or burden you.

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

I don't want to get them, and I don't want to give them to you or others.

Unwanted pregnancies

I don't want to get a woman pregnant and then be forced to pay for child support, an abortion, or anything else. Apparently, a woman stole a man's sperm via fellatio and impregnated herself, and the state forced him to pay child support. I probably should talk to a lawyer before I have sex again, especially now that the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

Emotional attachment

I don't want to feel anxiety, jealousy, etc, and especially not heartbreak. I think emotional attachment is natural. I'm open to getting emotionally attached and falling in love, but I'm still scared. I guess I'd have to find someone I really like and trust.


Time consuming. Distraction. Less time to myself. Loss of independence and freedom. Fear of being smothered, suffocated, manipulated, exploited, or bamboozled.


If you're interested in being my lover, please contact me with: