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I'm looking for a nice place to live.

Below, I describe myself and detail what I'm ideally looking for, but I'm not expecting perfection. In general I'm pretty flexible.

This introduction includes the things I feel are most important, but if you'd like to know more, feel free to read this entire post.

About me

What I'm looking for


If you think you have a place for me, please contact me with:

About me


I'm from Westport, CT, but I currently live in Odessa, FL, with family. I'm moving to be more independent. I'm responsible, respectful, honest, and transparent.

I'm financially responsible

I've paid my rent on time for the past three years. I've never been evicted. I have substantial savings, valuable assets, exceptional credit, and a clean criminal record. I'm willing to show proof of funds, agree to a soft credit check and a criminal and civil background check, provide references, and sign a lease agreement. I don't have renters insurance.

I'm respectful of property

If I notice or cause any damage beyond normal wear and tear, especially water damage, I'd let you know immediately.

I stand up for myself

I've been a party to one civil case: I sued one of my landlords for wrongfully withholding my security deposit, and the judge ordered her to refund it but didn't award double damages. The case's docket number is NWH-CV21-6006756-S.

What I'm looking for


$1,500 or less total, including utilities, internet, parking, etc. (I could afford even more, but I'd rather save money.) I may be open to working (probably at most three hours per week) in exchange for payment or reduced rent.


Four weeks

Move-in date

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Move-out date

Tuesday, November 1, 2022


I'd like to live somewhere close to Tampa, FL, in a safe, peaceful, quiet, natural, lush, convenient neighborhood, one that has good air quality and that's surrounded by nature but still within a 15-minute drive from an organic grocery store, a nice gym, and a peaceful walk.

Indoor air quality

I'm looking for a place with good indoor air quality. See my post How to improve indoor air quality.


I'd like to live in a nice, healthy, peaceful stand-alone house. I'd like access to a kitchen, where I'd like to set up a good water filter, if necessary; an on-site laundry washer and dryer; and a fast internet connection, with speeds of at least 25 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload per resident.


I want to live above ground, not in a basement. I'm looking for a healthy, quiet, nice room, not one that's stuffy, mildewy, or moldy. I'd like a room with hard-surfaced (instead of carpet) flooring, air conditioning (ideally ductless mini-split), mechanical ventilation (ideally via an ERV), and at least one openable window with a screen. I'd like a room that's quiet and that gets good light during the day and stays dark at night. I'd prefer a room with clean, healthy furnishings and a closet, but an unfurnished room without a closet would also work. I'd like a bed, a nightstand, a bedside lamp, a ceiling fan with a light, an electric sit-stand desk, an office chair, a dresser, a full-length mirror, wall hooks, and blackout curtains. I think I'd prefer a private room, but I'd be open to sharing a room with one or more non-snoring roommates for $750 or less total. I'd still want my own bed, desk, chair, dresser, mirror, and hooks, except I'd be open to sharing a bed with a female roommate. I'd like a room with an ethernet port and good Wi-Fi signal strength: at least -60 dBm.


I'd like access to a private or shared bathroom with an exhaust fan. I'd like to install a shower filter, if necessary, like if the shower water has extra chlorine.


I need a safe parking spot for my hatchback. I'm OK with parking on the street, in the driveway, or in a garage.


I'd like to rent from kind, responsible, honest landlords.


To learn more about me and what I'm looking for, see my post Roommate and browse my website starting from my home page.


If you think that I seem like a good candidate and that you have a place I might like, please contact me with: