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I'm open to living with one or more compatible roommates.

Below, I describe myself and my preferences, but I'm not expecting perfection. In general I'm pretty flexible.

This introduction includes the things I feel are most important, but if you'd like to know more, feel free to read this entire post.

About me

My preferences

I'd like roommates who:


If you think we might be good roommates, please contact me with:

About me


I'm from Westport, CT. I'm kind, respectful, highly sensitive, super health-conscious, chill, and peaceful.

I appreciate good indoor air quality

Smells don't necessarily bother me, but I don't like the smell of coffee, and I try to minimize my exposure to harmful chemicals. Therefore, I don't use candles, air fresheners, or fabric softeners. I don't use colognes or aftershaves. I try to mostly use healthy all-organic products, especially for things like furniture, drapery, bedding, towels, clothes, laundry detergents, soaps, deodorants, toothpastes, lip balms, and suntan lotions. I often keep my air purifier on when I'm in my room. I sometimes crack open my windows to let in fresh air, especially if my room otherwise doesn't have good ventilation, but I'm careful to maintain healthy indoor humidity levels and to conserve energy. See also the "Healthy" section of my post Personal driver.

I try to eat healthily

I eat a plant-rich diet and try to eat mostly organic whole foods. I rarely go out to eat, unless I'm near a healthy affordable restaurant, like Casa de Luz. I usually grocery shop and eat at home. I often skip breakfast. I try to eat lunch around 12 and dinner before 6. I make things like sandwiches, salads, etc. Sometimes I cook, eg, pressure cook quinoa, stove cook vegetable soup, or oven-bake sweet potatoes. I don't add salt, oil, or sugar to my food. I don't overcook or char my food. I haven't been using my blender but probably should. I pretty much only drink water, sometimes tea, but not coffee. I don't take any medications. I don't plan on getting vaccinated against COVID-19. I got it in June of 2021 and I think again in July of 2022.

I exercise regularly and rest well

I like to go for walks, lift weights, stretch, and meditate. I try to go to bed at 9:30 PM every night, even on weekends. I have earplugs, so I can handle the occasional late-night party, like once a month, but more than that might overwhelm me. I like to keep the lights dim after sunset.

I'm tidy and clean but not perfect

I do my best to clean up after myself, especially in common areas. After each meal, I wash my dishes by hand and put them on a drying rack. After they've dried, I put them away. If I have my own private bedroom, I don't always keep it super tidy and clean, but I think I'm mostly pretty good about it. I avoid bringing food or beverages (besides water in a water bottle) into my room, and I'm careful and clean up after myself if I do. I'd even be willing to abide by a rule that restricts food and beverage consumption to kitchens and dining rooms. I usually keep my hair short and trimmed, but I'm pretty hairy and shed a lot, so you might see several strands of my hair here and there, but my hair doesn't get caught in the shower drain, and I'm pretty good about cleaning the sink after I shave. I usually don't wear deodorant. Instead, I often wash my armpits with soap and water and change my shirt. I may occasionally have body odor, but if I do, feel free to let me know. I typically do my laundry about once every week or two. I try to vacuum my room and change my bedsheets fairly often. I brush my teeth every morning and night and floss at night. On average, I take about one 20-minute shower per day. Before showering, I turn on the bathroom exhaust fan and keep it on for a bit afterwards to clear out the steam and prevent mold growth. I towel off a bit before stepping out of the shower to keep the floor dry. I try to keep the toilet clean: I lift the seat when peeing, and after each use, I wipe up any pee on the seat, rim, and floor with toilet paper, close the lid, and flush. I prefer to take my shoes off inside. I'm willing and able to do simple household chores, such as emptying the dishwasher and taking out the garbage, and more time-consuming chores, such as vacuuming common areas and cleaning bathrooms, or to pay professionals to do them, as long as they only use healthy products, instead of bleach or other harmful chemicals.

I'm quiet and considerate

I often keep my devices on silent and Do Not Disturb, or else I keep their ringer and alert volumes low, and when using them, I keep their volumes low or use headphones so that only I can hear. I sometimes talk on the phone, but when I do, I keep my voice down or talk somewhere else if necessary so that others won't hear me. I rarely, if ever, have guests over, but if I ever did, I'd vet them first and do my best to restore any harm they may cause. I'd even be willing to abide by a no-guest policy. I tend to be reserved in real time. I often keep to myself and don't go out much, so I don't mind not interacting much, or at all, but I can also be friendly and am down to chat a bit or hang out every once in a while. I don't snore.

I try to keep things simple

I work on personal projects quietly from my room and from libraries and cafes. I typically go out once a day for a couple of hours to go for a walk, lift weights, or run errands. When feasible, I try to recycle and keep lights and other things off. I don't have much stuff. I may get a HEPA vacuum cleaner and a pressure cooker if the home doesn't already have them available.

My preferences


I'm open to roommates of all ages, sexes, genders, sexualities, ethnicities, races, nationalities, religions, politics, abilities, etc. I'd like roommates who are kind, considerate, respectful, honest, health-conscious, responsible, intelligent, chill, peaceful, clean, and quiet.


I'd love to have roommates who only (or mostly) eat plants, but that's not required. It'd be OK with me if you're not vaccinated. I'd appreciate if you're considerate of the indoor air quality. See my post How to improve indoor air quality.


I'd like roommates who clean up after themselves, especially in common areas. For example, I'd appreciate it if you clean your dishes or put them in the dishwasher after each meal, instead of leaving them out or in the sink. It'd also be nice if, when feasible, you try to recycle and keep lights and other things off. It'd be OK with me if your room's not super tidy or if you walk around in your underwear, braless, or even completely naked, as long as you're hygienic and sit on clean towels.


I'd like roommates who are quiet after 9 PM and keep the common-area lights dim after sunset. It'd be OK with me if you have guests over, even overnight, as long as everyone's considerate and it's quiet after 9 PM. And it'd be OK with me if you or your guests snore as long as I don't hear it. See also the "Quiet" section of my post Personal driver.


To learn more about me and my preferences, see my post Place to live and browse my website starting from my home page.


If you think we might be good roommates, please contact me with: